Autumn Magic

Autumn Magic
April 26, 2018 Ashley Brownlee
In Fauna and Flora

When the constellation of Orion starts to slide below the horizon, it is clear that the days at Wolverfontein Karoo Cottages will start getting shorter. Autumn brings with it a certain chill to the air, but fortunately there is still plenty of sunshine to go around.

The first to notice these change are the wonderful variety of plants we have in the Klein Karoo. With the heat of summer now a distant memory, the plants begin to breathe a sigh of relief.  Our Cape Honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis) bathes in the softer light, and the  aloes and succulents begin to flower. It feels as though Autumn is the new Spring.

At Wolverfontein we begin prepping our garden for the oncoming winter, which will definitely be bringing frost with it. Our vegetable patch is pruned back, and seeds are collected and stored.

It’s without doubt time to air the winter wardrobe from the clutches of moth balls. Also time to ensure we have enough dry fire wood to get us through the coldest of days.

Cottages are getting their post summer season blitz clean, as carpets and curtains are washed, and mattresses turned and aired. Blankets are brought out of storage, so that guests will have cosy toes once they retire for the long dark nights.

It’s a most wonderful time of the year to visit though, as slow lunches and red wine are called for, and the crisp nights make star gazing even more rewarding.


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