Remarkable Things

Remarkable Things
August 10, 2018 Ashley Brownlee
In History

The Klein Karoo is a treasure chest waiting to be opened. The “Show and Tell” table at Wolverfontein Karoo Cottages reflects this. It’s the accumulation of over a decade of collecting small treasures found in the veld, on and around the property. Some of the treasures are gifts from guests, and others are incidental finds that have revealed themselves. Some blow in on the wind, and others are emerging from the depths of the earth after severe flooding.

There are large objects, and really small objects. Some are man made, while others are organic. Each of these objects carries a resonating history, a personal private vibration in a sense. Something unique that initially caught the eye of the seeker, and separated itself from the vast amount of other treasures that could have been chosen.

There are animal bones, plastic toys, and leather straps. Toothpaste containers made from aluminium, and snuff boxes made from tin. There are shards of pottery fired in ovens, and birds nests brought together on the strength of wings. Latches and locks and hair clips and shoes, and pre-historic stone tools. Animal skulls and tortoise shells, and dentures.

Now they share the same table.

At the turn of the century, unwanted babies and children were left on the steps of orphanages. More often than not, because a mothers love is as deep as the ocean, these abandoned souls arrived with “remarkable things” sewn into the hems of their clothing. Be it a gold coin, a cameo, a locket of hair, a semi precious stone, or a piece of lace. These “remarkable things” were offered with the child to ensure its future well being. Totems and sacred offerings. Kindnesses. Memories.

The show and tell table at Wolverfontein Karoo Cottages is a little like that. Bits and bobs. Thingamajiggies. Whispers of natural magic, and of human presence. All intertwined in the history of the area.

Sewn into the fabric of time.

Now revealed, to ensure our well being.

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