Zara gets a new fridge

Zara gets a new fridge
September 5, 2019 Ashley Brownlee
In History

For those that have visited Wolverfontein since we opened in 2007, and particularly those that have stayed in Zara Cottage, you will remember the beautiful retro fridge that has graced the kitchen for all of this time. This gorgeous authentic 1940’s colossus has served us well, serving proudly as part of our brand. Unfortunately it’s become a little grumpy in the past year, making the sounds of weary bones caused by 70 plus years of longevity. It was time for retirement.

So with much sadness, and gentle manoeuvring, we have replaced it with a new modern appliance. All is not lost though, as our great friend still runs perfectly well, and has transitioned to its alternative surroundings. We hope that it enjoys the new view, which is in our back courtyard, and where it will be called upon to work under less strenuous conditions.

Only golden years lie ahead. Well done dear friend.

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