Splash Pools

Splash Pools
September 1, 2022 Andre Hagan
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Mineral Bathing at Wolverfontein


Each of the cottages at Wolverfontein has a private dipping pool, and is for the exclusive use of the guests that are staying in that cottage at the time.

The dipping pools are filled with mineral rich water from our underground source, which is without any chemical treatment, and are emptied and cleaned between guest bookings.

The water from underground is extremely healthy, and salty-tasting, and contains traces of Lithium; which has a soothing and calming impact on the human body. Simply soaking in the mineral water is naturally detoxifying, and a gentle remedy for skin ailments.

Salts and gases are among the substances that can be dissolved in mineral water during its passage underground. The water has a beneficial effect on the skin, as it accumulates to create a “salt coat”, which stimulates the biochemical processes in the skin; improves blood circulation.

Salt-water bathing reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, relaxes muscles, and relieves pain and soreness. These salts help draw out the harmful toxins and bacteria absorbed by the skin throughout the day, keeping your skin looking healthy and clear.

The Improvement of blood circulation stimulates metabolism and strengthens the immune system, and cell renewal in connective tissues is improved.

The Klein Karoo was once part of a vast inland basin, which started about 320 million years ago, at a time when that part of Gondwana which would eventually become Africa, lay over the South Pole. The pockets of underground water, which we find in the Karoo, are a testament to the ancient waters of the area; and which continue to feed the soul, and heal the body.

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